Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My friends, aren’t we all? I believe that the mission is LOVE. Kärleken.

I need to know more about it.
And my friends I believe together we can find out more.

I believe we can share our inner love, and show our inner selves, by meeting and sharing, and with the help of

Becasue we e are humans made for loving we can communicate, with sounds and images, my friends -



Use the power of to make us feel what you feel.
Choose a video clip that shows us how the LOVE feels to you.
Use the video as a backdrop to your story.
Then tell us how it makes you feel.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

God kritik!!!

Natalia Kamias utställning på Mors Mössa i Göteborg har mottagits väldigt väl med recenssion både i GP och Göteborgs Fria. Den förra finn inte på nätet, men vill ni läsa om den andra så klicka här.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Per Hüttner in collaboration with Jean-Louis Huhta - curated by Anne Klontz
Performance – Saturday 4 December kl 19

“There is an invisible and little known force amongst us called ‘The Quantum Police’. They operate internationally and assimilate unnoticed into civilian communities. Their actions strive toward renegotiating the relationship between individual and society and claim that the law, morality and reality are all unique to the inner self.”

For the event at DKTUS, artist Per Hüttner will create a performance based on an anonymous woman’s role as a QP mediator and will include her entire transcribed interview along with videos and music played outside the gallery’s courtyard. In collaboration with Hüttner, musician and DJ, Jean-Louis Huhta will perform using a unique musical score created by Charlie White, an artist who in the late 80s developed a series of performances he called “Interviews” based on conversations with QP founder Johnny Ross. White believed that over time, Ross lost sight of the true meaning behind QP and therefore wanted to re-establish his voice as the strength of the movement. White added a soundtrack to the interviews which were then re-interpreted by a DJ as White performed wearing an LAPD uniform and using materials like glass sheets, halogen lamps and vinyl texts. For more info click here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Program Vision Forum/KSM workshop

Ateljé 2, Kåkenhus, Linköpings universitet, and Verkstad för Konst, Norrköping, September 2-3, 2010

Hello Everybody,

We are looking forward to hosting you all at this two day seminar and offering everyone this opportunity to meet and to exchange ideas and experience.

Thursday September 2
10.00 Arrival and presentation of KSM and Vision Forum - Mattias Åkesson, Anna Berglind and Per Hüttner.
11.00 Anne Klontz – Simultaneity a project at RKIS in Stockholm and Platform China in Beijing with artists from Romania, China and Holland. (

12-13 Lunch.

13.00 The MA students make their 5 minute presentations.
13.30 Yulia Usova and Viktor Sobiianskyi presents The Invisible Generation, a performative project in public the public space in Kiev. (
14.30 Francesca Grossi and Vera Magnioli – Performance Season, the world’s first (?) online performance project. (
15.30 Laura Guy – Project After S – buried duck eggs art and architecture between Shenzhen and London. (
16.30 Good TV – This Image Is No More – non object based exhibition about memories in Beijing. (

17.30-19.00 Break

19.00 – Dinner at Verkstad för konst. (
20.00 – Open bar Verkstad för konst with videos and performaces. (Invite your friends to join!!!)

Friday September 3
9.30 Louise Nilson and Lisa Boström – Travels, two publications about travel in the contemporary art world. (
10.30 Fatos Ustek – London Houses, from museum to retreat in 6 months. (

12.-13 Lunch.

13.00 The Vision Forum students make their 5 minute presentations.

13.30 Geoffrey Lowe – A Constructed World and Speech and What Archive two ongoing projects investigating the nature of communication and audience. (
14.30 Claire Louise Staunton – Inheritance Shenzhen and New Cities Project
15.30 Summery and reflections - Mattias Åkesson, Anna Berglind and Per Hüttner.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vision Forum and KSM workshop september 2-3

Vision Forum and KSM are co-organizing a 2 day seminar september 2 and 3.

A dozen interesting artists and curators (from all over europe, australia and the us) who have realized projects for Vision Forum in 2009-10 will present this work, their respective practice and their outlook on life and art. Verkstad för konst will also organize a bar and social events on september 2. It will be a wonderful opportunity for each of you to be stimulated by their inspiring and creative work and also to meet and talk to them in person.

Speakers include:

Geoffrey Lowe, A Constructed World, Paris
Fatos Ustek, Nowiswere, London and Istanbul
Claire Louise Staunton, Inheritence, London

You can find more info about what they do on:


more details about the events will appear here in late August.

Monday, May 31, 2010

vision forum|s 2010

hello everyone!

welcome back old participants and very warm welcome to our new members at vision forum|s 2010. please contact vfprog(a) if there's any questions!

all the best,
tomas and per