Wednesday, January 12, 2011

open invitation to a project

January is an altogether depressing month, but the advantage of staying home with a cold is that you get plenty of time for reflection over future projects. My mind is set on something i would like to call "Cloudy weather"- a digital cloud project with several internet users sharing a dropbox, where they store all kinds of files: images, audio tracks, texts, video clips, what not. And the starting point is real Icelandic ash clouds that sabotaged infra-structure in the same way soundcloud, aviary and other horizontal programs challenge commercial music market. We'll be dealing with textoids, audioids, videoids ( sorry for clumsy neologisms)as long as we have access to each others' files and can make changes, add own material, transform, etc. across the borders of authorship. So, it's Icelandic ash, microscopic images for music making, the chaos it caused. Things are still very fuzzy, but no matter where you are, come forward.

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